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Improvisation Essential

Improvisation workshop with Eyal Lovett

  • 50 euros
  • noisy


Improvisation is the art of making music on the run. During these 3 hours of the workshop, we will learn to develop an approach to improv and tools to practice it at home and together in a band. We will understand how to use the theory practically and slowly build a vocabulary applicable to a musical genre. About the mentor: Eyal Lovett is an Israeli jazz pianist and composer. He graduated from the prestigious Soloist Program at the Royal Danish Music Academy in Aalborg. He was chosen to be the 2017 “Artist of the year” by Jazzy Berlin In June 2018, Eyal Lovett Trio won 1st place at the international competition JazzWings in Warsaw.

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  • noisy Rooms - Rehearsal, Revaler Straße, Berlin, Germany

    +49 15901055966